Residential Lending

Pre approvals, Purchasing a home, Refinancing and Renewals at Maturation

Commercial Lending

Land Acquisition financing, Construction Financing, Purchase Financing, 100% financing, Equity Take out, Refinance, Investment Property, Short Term Lending – bridge & Gap.

Private Lending

1st and 2nd Mortgage, including jumbo loans, Bridge & Gap Financing, Land Acquisition & Construction both residential and commercial.

Niche Lending

Business for Self, New to Canada, Foreign Investor and access to our Affluent Lending Program.

Luxury Real Estate Lending

Multiple solutions for multi-million dollar purchases, refinances or renewals. Access to banks, credit unions, trust companies, private capital and our Affluent Lending Program to find the right lending solution for more complex real estate needs.

Construction Lending

Land Acquisition & Construction Financing

Agent Training

For local mortgage agents that want to be a part of a team, retail office location and hands on support.

Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor

Online Training, Resources and Downloadable Content you can complete and access from the comfort of your home/office.

Who We Are

The Westlake Team (TWT) is a group of mortgage professionals that help Canadians finance their real estate dreams. This includes; residential, commercial, construction and private lending.

The Westlake team is part of Dominion Lending Centres, which is the largest Mortgage Brokerage Network in Canada. This includes 230 + lenders, 350 + offices, 60,000 mortgage funded annually and $21 billion funded per year.

On a macro level, TWT focuses on business development & consultation for the purpose of mortgage origination. The emphasis is on building strategic reoccurring referral relationships.

On a day to day level, TWT focuses on the client experience and obtaining the most suitable lending solution. Significantly investing in infrastructure for a very smooth underwriting and fulfillment process.

TWT is based out of Oakville ON, with the majority of business in the Greater Toronto Area and Muskoka. DLC is Nationally Licensed and TWT has access to lending solutions in the USA.

Work With Us

About Scott Westlake

My professional career in the Mortgage Industry spans over the last 10 years and counting. I consider myself an Entrepreneur with a large focus of my passion being in the real estate and mortgage sector. I have successfully invested in numerous businesses with successful exits. I’ve financed and built homes, grew and lead teams, taught and trained new mortgage agents and am personally responsible for originating over $1bil in mortgage business and growing.

The Westlake Team is part of Dominion Lending Centres. It was set up to supports our agent model, which helps grow and train a team of Canada’s next successful mortgage agents. TWT also provides the infrastructure to run a successful mortgage brokering business which I participate in. We focus on residential, commercial, construction, pre-sale, affluent & private lending as well as implement lending programs and solutions. This includes corporate lending packages, listing packages & affinity programs. We also provide access to lending for companies in synergetic industries that have clients but not access to the lending environment.

Most recently we invested in the lending environment with a focus on Jumbo 1st & 2nd Mortgages, Land Acquisition & Construction Financing, Bridge Loans and Affluent Lending Solutions.

Outside of work, my family and I love being apart of the amazing community of Oakville. I played hockey at the highest level my entire life, including at University and I am an avid Golfer – member at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville and starting to become a traveller. I also sit on the board of Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor course. The remainder of the story is to be continued…

Work With Us


Founder, Team Lead & Licensed Agent


Manager of Credit Structuring, Lender Fulfillment & Licensed Mortgage Agent


Manager of Agent Development & Licensed Mortgage Agent


Manager of Concierge Services & Event Coordinating

Mortgage Agents

Our Team of Mortgage Agents service the GTA, Muskoka & Niagara Region.

Please fill out our contact form or email to connect with one of our agents to service your mortgage needs.

What We Do

The Westlake Team arranges mortgages for residential & commercial clients. TWT continually builds and cultivate lending solutions so that it can be a singular point of contact for its clients and referral sources.

Our team is ultra-competitive in the residential mortgage space but is known for its creative lending solutions and Niche Lending Programs. This includes:

  • Finding the best terms for residential purchase, refinance and renewals.
  • Financing land acquisition and construction both residentially and commercially.
  • Lending solutions for Luxury Real Estate.
  • Lending solution for clients that are Business for Self.
  • Private lending solutions.
  • TWT takes a Top Down Approach in all mortgage scenarios. This means finding the best lending terms and solutions regardless of the type of loan.
Work With Us

Our Rates

Our Portfolio

Residential Lending $3mil Line of Credit

Residential Lending $3mil Line of Credit

Affluent Lending Program $1.8mil Mortgage

Affluent Lending Program $1.8mil Mortgage

Construction Financing $5.5mil Construction Loan

Construction Financing $5.5mil Construction Loan

First Time Home Buyer $880,000 Mortgage

First Time Home Buyer $880,000 Mortgage

Non-Traditional $560,000 1st Mortgage

Non-Traditional $560,000 1st Mortgage

Equipment Leasing $250,000 Loan

Equipment Leasing $250,000 Loan

Agent Training

The Westlake Team, along with DLC National goes through hundreds of applications and selects a handful of new mortgage agents each year to mentor and train. The purpose of this is to give back to the mortgage community. By surrounding a new mortgage agent with the right infrastructure, they set themselves up and more importantly their referral sources and clients for success. TWT prides itself in taking agents from zero funded mortgages through their first $10 million as quickly as the mortgage agent feels comfortable, while giving them the right tools along the way to continue to grow in whatever capacity they see fit.

Work With Us

Each agent receives their own website with curated content:

  • Client Relationship Management software that communicates with Filogix to manage existing clients and obtain new
  • Access to multiple lenders, with top compensation and underwriting status
  • In-house underwriting and fulfillment support which includes:
    • Filogix support and training,
    • Deal structuring support and training
    • Lender recommendation and submission support
    • Closing package, compliance and payroll support and training.

Weekly audio and video conferencing with a focus on business development. Guest speakers being lenders, realtors, lawyers and other industry professionals

  • Quarterly networking events with team and key referral sources.
  • Mentorship from experienced mortgage agents/brokers
  • Access to monthly power calls and key tool training.
  • Much much more.

download my mortgage toolbox.

What can you do with my app?

  • Calculate your total cost of owning a home
  • Estimate the minimum down payment you need
  • Calculate Land transfer taxes and the available rebates
  • Calculate the maximum loan you can borrow
  • Stress test your mortgage
  • Estimate your Closing costs need
  • Compare your options side by side
  • Search for the best mortgage rates
  • Email Summary reports (PDF)
  • Use my app in English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Chinese



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(416) 436-1135

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