The Westlake Team (TWT) is part of Dominion Lending Centers. It is set up to support mortgage agents & mortgage brokers that want to be apart of Dominion Lending Centres, under the mentorship of one of Canada’s top mortgage brokers. The Westlake Team along with Dominion Lending Centres, provides a turn key system for new or newer mortgage agents so that they have the highest probability for success. All the tools, technologies and training are in place to support Canada’s next group of successful mortgage agents & mortgage brokers. Scott Westlake knows this model works, participating in originating mortgages, using the same tools, technologies and training that got him to the top and being responsible for over $1B in mortgage origination. Collectively, The Westlake Team, focuses on mortgage solutions for the residential & commercial real estate sector as well as for end users purchasing pre-sale development.

Scott Westlake focuses on more niche mortgages and lending solutions with an emphasis on High Net Worth Clients and larger mortgages (over $1M). High Net Worth Clients with complex financing requirements, clients that file their income as business for self, construction capital (land acquisition and construction) for speculative builds and end users, Large Mortgages (over $1M), Reverse Mortgages & Private lending are common requests for clients and referral sources. A large focus of our attention is on affinity partnerships – providing access to mortgages for companies in synergetic industries that have clients but not access to the mortgage and lending environment.

Dominion Lending Centres is Canada’s largest Mortgage Brokerage. With 90 + Lenders Available, 2,800 Mortgage Experts, 380 + Offices, 15 Years of Outstanding Service & 700,000 + Mortgages Funded. The Westlake Team leans on the tools & technologies Dominion Lending Centres provides to ensure our clients and referral sources have access to the best of everything this industry has to offer.

Consulting Services Our consulting services are set up to provide consultation & training services to Mortgage Agents & Mortgage Brokers that are looking to take that next step in their career growth without having to be a part of our team. Our content is curated from clients and contacts that are executives, athletes, top realtors, builders and peers in the industry and across North America. We have a lot of synergetic relationships that can support mortgage agent growth. Our target agent is either new or newer and looking for some additional support to help with their career growth. For more experienced mortgage agents & mortgage brokers we take a SWAT Analysis of their mortgage business and help create an actionable business plan. We have a book launch and other auxiliary services available in 2021!

TWT Mortgage Capital Is set up to provide a platform that allows our brokerage to lend out our own capital or accredited investors capital with more discretion. Using sound underwriting principals, top industry partners and the experience of underwriting hundreds of millions in mortgages – TWT Mortgage Capital’s objective is to provide a balance in risk vs return.

AIT. (Hedge Fund) The Fundamental investment objective of the AIT Long Short Global Macro Fund is to maximize total returns while maintaining a low target beta by exploiting the skew in long-term performance between under-performing and our-performing stocks in the G10 Universe. for more information,

Scott Westlake & The Westlake Team are based out of Oakville, with the majority of business in the Greater Toronto Area & Muskoka but Nationally Licensed to service all of Canada, Coast to Coast. Residential, Commercial, Construction & Alternative/Private Mortgage Financing

Scott Westlake

Scott Westlake’s professional career in the Mortgage Industry spans over the last 10 years and counting. An entrepreneur at heart with a passion for real estate and the lending that comes along with it. Responsible for over $1B in Mortgage Origination and counting. Founder of The Westlake Team, TWT Mortgage Capital & Strategic Partner in AIT. Part of Canada’s leading National Mortgage Brokerage – Dominion Lending Centres. Access to hundreds of lenders; Banks, Credit Unions, Monoline Lenders, Trusts, Alternative & Private Capital.

Scott is known for working in niche mortgage sectors. This includes High Net Worth Clients, Large Mortgages (over $1M), Clients that file income as Business for Self, Construction Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages & Private Lending. Scott has worked with numerous Executives, Athletes from the NHL, MLB, MLS amongst other associations along with Artists, Entertainers and the Private Bankers, Agents and Associations that represent them.

Scott & Dominion Lending Centres has access to significant relationship in the Commercial Mortgage Sector that provides an array of commercial mortgage solutions. This includes CMHC Insured, Construction, Secondary/Private Capital & institutional Capital.

Giving back has been an important part of Scott’s identity. To both the Mortgage industry through training, mentorship and consultation services as well as to those in need. During Covid, Scott started an initiative to give back to his clients, referral sources, community and charitable organizations. This initiative sets aside corporate funds for every review made on his website along with every referral made to the mortgage brokerage. Scott connects with local businesses to provide a token of appreciation to the reviewer and referral sources and also makes a contribution to a rotating group of charitable organizations. The continually expanding group of organizations include, The Paralympic Foundation, Oakville Hospital Foundation, Kerr Street Mission, 100 Brokers That Care, Giving Tree, Sick Kids and more…

Notable Awards include, LEO Award Winner, Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year – Oakville, Nominee Top 40 under 40, Private Mortgage Broker of the Year, Young Gun, Hot List, Mortgage Agent of Change and Diamond Award Winner.

“We provide access to an array of lenders and financing solutions through a singular point of contact. We take a top down approach to ensure our clients & referral sources are obtaining the most competitive solutions, terms and exceptional customer service. Creating WOW moments for our clients and referral sources is important to us.”

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The Westlake Team

The Westlake Team, along with Dominion Lending Centres National goes through hundreds of applications and selects a handful of new mortgage agents each year to mentor and train. By surrounding a new mortgage agent with the right infrastructure, they set themselves up, along with their referral sources and clients for success. The Westlake Team prides itself in taking agents from zero funded mortgages through their first $10 million as quickly as the mortgage agent feels comfortable, while giving them the right tools & technologies along the way to continue to grow in whatever capacity they see fit.

The characteristics common in agents our team has success training are agents that are independent, proactive, great communication skills, willingness to learn & be passionate about real estate.

Every agent that joins The Westlake Team gets a turn key business model, which includes:

  • On-Boarding support to get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible
  • Strategy & Success Training Guides for new mortgage agents, supported by weekly training sessions
  • Training on our proprietary origination software with integrated CRM called Velocity (and current only access point to HSBC in broker channel)
  • Training on all our proprietary tools & technologies
  • Monthly Training Schedule
  • Website with curated content and hosting
  • Marketing – our award winning team will work with you to develop your brand
  • Communication from our Chief Economist Dr. Sherry Cooper
  • Your own My Mortgage Toolbox for your clients and referral sources
  • Partner Relations
  • Public & Governing relations
  • Numerous revenue streams
  • Power Calls to help navigate the changing lending environment
  • National Sales Events
  • Level Up Series hosted by Gary Mauris, DLC CEO – high performance training series
  • In Conversation & DLCU with Eddy Cocciollo, DLC President – Informative webinar series
  • Daily contact to discuss opportunities and deals
  • In house underwriting support, including deal structuring and lender recommendation
  • Access to multiple lenders, Banks, Credit Unions, Trusts, Monoline Lenders, Alternative Capital, Commercial & Private
  • Audio & Video training hosted by Scott Westlake on business development strategies & his Q&A series


Founder, Team Lead & Licensed Agent


Manager of Credit Structuring, Lender Fulfillment & Licensed Mortgage Agent


Manager of Agent Development & Licensed Mortgage Agent


Manager of Concierge Services & Event Coordinating

Mortgage Agents

Our Team of Mortgage Agents service the GTA, Muskoka & Niagara Region.

Please fill out our contact form or email to connect with one of our agents to service your mortgage needs.

What We Do

The Westlake Team arranges mortgages for residential & commercial clients. TWT continually builds and cultivate lending solutions so that it can be a singular point of contact for its clients and referral sources.

Our team is ultra-competitive in the residential mortgage space but is known for its creative lending solutions and Niche Lending Programs. This includes:

  • Finding the best terms for residential purchase, refinance and renewals.
  • Financing land acquisition and construction both residentially and commercially.
  • Lending solutions for Luxury Real Estate.
  • Lending solution for clients that are Business for Self.
  • Private lending solutions.
  • TWT takes a Top Down Approach in all mortgage scenarios. This means finding the best lending terms and solutions regardless of the type of loan.
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Scott Westlake & The Westlake Team arrange mortgages for residential & commercial clients. The team continually builds and cultivate Mortgage & Lending solutions so we can be a singular point of contact for all our clients and referral sources.

Our team is ultra-competitive in the residential mortgage space but is also known for its creative lending solutions and Niche Lending Programs.

Our Services Include:

– Residential Mortgages: Purchase, Refinance & Renewals at maturation
– Commercial Mortgages: CMHC Insured, Construction, Secondary/Private & Institutional Capital. Purchase, Refinance & Renewals
– Construction Mortgages: Both residential & commercial. Land Acquisition & Construction. Institutional & Private Capital
– Niche Mortgages: Business for Self, Jumbo Mortgages, Investment Properties,
– Private Mortgages: 1st & 2nd Mortgage, Bridge Loans, Debt Consolidation, Construction etc.
– Reverse Mortgage: Access to multiple lenders. Most brokerages has 1 reverse mortgage solution – we have 3 lenders providing no mortgage payments.
– Mortgage Insurance: Creditor Insurance, protecting the mortgage we help put in place
– Insurline: Property & Casualty Insurance, including Insurance Binder on real estate we are helping mortgage.
– Visa: Full suite of credit card solutions to compliment your mortgage.

Charity & Referrals

With a continually changing real estate marketplace, working with a great mortgage broker can be the difference between obtaining a mortgage and not. From navigating lending during the global COVID-19 pandemic to multiple rate changes and policy changes, surrounding yourself with the right lending partner is critical.

With all that has happened in 2020, now more than ever, is a time to establish a long term strategy to make a habit of giving back to those in need.

As a group, we have decided to pick a charitable organization at the start of each month. Then, at the end of each month, we add up all the reviews & referrals made to our Mortgage Brokerage and make a contribution to a local charitable organization as a percentage of revenue earned. The more reviews & reviews the higher the percentage.

We will select one charity per month and make the contribution and post it on our blog along with the organizations information. If you are a client or referral source of our brokerage and have an organization thats important to you and yours and it could use a little push, please let Scott know

Since referrals and reviews are the lifeline of our business, we believe that by encouraging these activities that allow our business to grow, it naturally allows us to give even more. Reviews & referrals are easy for us to track and something clients and referral sources naturally do when satisfied with the services we provide.

In addition, for each review & referral made, we will provide a token of appreciate from a local business.

We believe that this program will create a sense of accountability and corporate culture that encourages giving back, while inspiring those around us. This program allows us to support charitable organizations & local businesses – important to our team, clients and referral sources while rewarding the behaviour.

To leave a review:
To make a referral: email

We are currently supporting the following foundations and are excited to expand on this list:

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