Hey everyone, my name is Scott Westlake and I am happy you are here!

I worked at one of Canada’s largest financial institutions – winning their most prestigious awards, originated close to, if not more than a billion in residential mortgages and grew a team to over 20 agents that funded around $300M annually.  I have invested in online tech, bought, built, invested and sold millions in real estate and all of that was fun, rewarding and stressful, but it’s time for a change.  I am happy you are here, considering working with my team as a client, referral source, mortgage agent or becoming a new friend and/or acquaintance.  I am more focused than ever and have reset my goals.  I am still brokering mortgages, but have implemented a team that focuses on underwriting, fulfillment with customer service top of mind so that I can focus on my next set of goals.

  • 1. Becoming the #1 Team in Canada, growing organically by surrounding
    myself with the right people.
  • 2. Giving back to our community and network.
  • 3. Helping new mortgage agents grow their career.

Real Service, Real Results